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Jodi’s belief is that style is nothing unless it’s personal and that women and men of all ages and body types should be able to find something that fits well, is unique and that makes them feel confident.

As the former owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique in Edina, Jodi made the leap from traditional brick and mortar retail to a fashion concierge business. Seeing the changing retail environment, she pivoted her business to a new pay-as-you-go model in which clients are strategically aligned with partnering malls and shops to offer a curated selection of clothing and accessories or home décor items that match their need. Her new business model offers high value and uber-flexibility to accommodate shifting consumer behaviors and enables her to serve as a liaison to other partnering businesses. As such, Jodi is your mobile, nimble, just-in-time and only when you need her fashion concierge.

Jodi is also the resident personal shopper and stylist at Ridgedale Center. To learn more about how she works with clients in her on-site Style Lounge, please visit:

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