Winter Plant Care

Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr stopped by with advice on how to take care of popular winter plants like poinsettias, cyclamen and more!

– Keep in bright indirect light
-Don’t place near cold and warm drafts such as forced heat, radiators or doors
-Keep soil evenly moist similar to say a sponge that has been squeezed

-Great alternative to poinsettias
-Need bright indirect light
-Water when top 1/2″ of soil is dry
-Don’t water the crown (center) of plant as that may cause rot
-Humidity helps during winter months so set on a tray filled with rocks and some water

-Very easy to get to bloom this year and with minimal care can re-bloom for years
-Plant in a container that is about 2″ wider than the bulb and not very deep. Plant so that about the top 1/3 of bulb is not covered with soil.

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