Holiday Craft Ideas

Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like a homemade gift. Jen Appleberry from Appleberry’s Attic Craft Studio says Christmas crafting is a great way to spend quality time with your family this season. These crafts are the perfect gifts for friends, teachers or your neighbors.

Merry Hoop Wreath

Cotton Plaid Fabric
12″ Embroidery Hoop
“Merry” Stencil
Chalk Paint
Greenery/Lambs Ear
Burlap Ribbon

  1. Crafters will lay out the fabric of their choice.
  2. Peel the back off the stencil, center, and stick it to the fabric.
  3. After they’ve smoothed and checked for air bubbles… choose chalk paint and begin.
  4. Taking the sponge, they will dab small amounts of paint on the fabric filling in all open/empty spots on stencil.
  5. Once filled in with paint, crafters will remove the sticker/stencil and tweeze out any left behind pieces.
  6. Lay Embroidery Hoop onto of fabric and tighten into place until fabric is taught.
  7. Hot glue on the greenery of your and add a bow!

*This is a simple, easy way to make a high end looking wreath or wall hanging.

Gingerbread Babies:

Wood Block
Gingerbread Cut Out
Acrylic Paint
Scrapbook Paper (if desired)
Elmers Glue Stick
Sand Paper
Hot Glue & Gun
Extra Ditties (like pom poms, buttons, and rick rack)

  1. Crafters will start by painting their wood block the color of their choice. Once painted they can choose to leave plain or glue on their favorite scrapbook paper.
  2. While that’s drying paint your gingerbread baby.
  3. Once items are both dry they can sand the edges of both block and gingerbread to add dimension and bring them to life.
  4. They will hot glue the gingerbread man to the block.
  5. Once put together, crafters will get to customize and show some personality by adding the extra “ditties” such as a bow, buttons, rick rack, etc. – parents and kids alike will love this part as each Gingerbread Baby can take on their own personality.

Cozy Winter Gnomes:

3 Socks: 1 standard white for the body, 2 fuzzy fun ones for the pants and hat.
2 – 3 Cups of Rice
2 Small Black Rubber Bands
2 Small Clear Rubber Bands
Fur Fabric for beard
Extra Ditties for embellishing…. such as pine cones, buttons, greenery, etc.
Blush for nose (if desired).

  1. Crafters will start by putting 2 – 3 cups of rice in the white sock. Tie that off with both black rubber bands.
  2. Once secure, lay your Gnome on his back and reach into the middle of the rice filled sock and grab out a chunk for his nose. Secure and tie off with both clear rubber bands. Make as big or as small of a round ball nose as you wish.
  3. Stand Gnome up. Take first fuzzy sock and cut off at the heel. Using bottom portion of the sock, slide that onto the bottom of the Gnome up to under his nose. Those are his pants!
  4. Take the second fuzzy sock and leave whole. Slide that sock down the top of the Gnome to the top of his nose. Pull and mess with it a bit till it resembles a stocking cap.
  5. Crafters will then take a chunk of Fur Fabric and cut out a beard (U shape piece) and hot glue under the Gnomes nose.
  6. Once the beard is on you will be able to dust blush over the nose if you’d like to give your Gnome a cozy winter look. And add any extra ditties such as the pine cones, buttons, greenery, etc.

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