Selling Your Home Around the Holidays with Desrochers Realty Group

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and EXP Realty stopped by to talk about selling your home around the holidays.

Here is their advice:

  • Definitely decorate but don’t go overboard
  • Homes often look their best decorated
  • You don’t want to cover up features that help sell the home
  • Example: you have a beautiful stairway railing and banister but you cover it up with a bunch of garland
  • Curb appeal matters, decorating for the holidays is a great way to improve the appearance of your home.
  • Add tasteful decorations and lights
  • Fit it with your neighborhood
  • If the rest of your neighborhood goes all out, don’t be the only house without decoration or if no one decorates don’t go overboard


  • In a place like Minnesota it’s very helpful to make the home feel cozy and warm
  • If you have a fireplace turn it on or have fire going
  • Have the home smelling festive. Simmer some apple cider on the stove or have some pine candles burning
  • Make sure all lights are on, including lamps and Christmas lights if you have them up. Especially important with how dark it now gets at
  • this time of the year
  • Sellers tend to think their homes show better in the spring/summer but most buyers purchase a home based on the emotional feeling they have in the home.
  • A lot of people have their best memories happen during the holidays .
  • When buyers have the tight emotional reaction when they walk into a home they are more likely to purchase it. Sellers can use this time
  • of the year to appeal to the buyers emotions by decorating their home to induce emotions
  • If you have a great yard that is now covered with show. Feature some summertime pictures in the listing info online so potential buyers can see what it looked like
  • Because of the holidays a lot of sellers take their homes off the market
  • This is good for new sellers or sellers that stay on the market as there is far less competition.
  • Last November we had around 3,900 new listings hit the market compared to this May where we had around 9,400 listings hit the market
  • Best time for a seller to be on the market is when there are no other properties on the market.
  • In the spring when there are more homes on the market buyers can be more picky and could pass your listing up.
  • Buyers have more time to look at homes.
  • We see a big increase of time off of work at this time of year with people using their PTO up, this opens up more time for them to look at
  • homes. Time for them to look online and actually go out and view homes
  • The buyers that are currently looking at homes are actually serious
  • Better to have less showings with serious buyers as opposed to tons of showings with less serious buyers.
  • Motivated buyers usually present better offers, could be the only option for a motivated buyer that needs a home
  • People take new jobs or transfer jobs at all times of the year and if you are not on the market you could miss that buyer that is
  • transferring here from another area
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