Total Body Circuit Workout

If you’re bored with the same workout routine and craving variety then it’s time to change things up and go all in with a total body circuit routine that’s great for fitness pros and beginners. Nickie Carrigan is a fitness expert and owner of The Warehouse in Rosemount. She stopped by with simple workout moves you can do from home for a great Total Body Circuit Workout.

Workout Moves:

  • Wood chop  Right/ plank hold
  • Jump squat/ boxer bounce
  • Wood chop  Left / plank hold
  • Run step (using the stage) /boxer bounce

For the HIIT segment, do 45 seconds work/30 second active rest

Beginners could start with 30 seconds in the work phase, followed by a full min of complete rest or active rest, and gradually start to decrease the rest interval and increase the work interval.

Mention TCL  to join the Warehouse’s Burn, Build, Breathe challenge for only $50.

The workout schedules are more well-rounded to include a weekly burn, build, and breathe style class (examples: burn would be combat HIIT, build would be Tank Top Arms, and breathe would be yoga.)


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