A Look Inside Floyd Total Security and their Unbelievable Car Collection

Peace of mind.  It goes a long way.  And that’s exactly why Floyd Total Security Owner Michael Karch loves what he does.  He, the second generation owner of the security business that started as a lock and key service, prides himself in having the opportunity to help families all over Minnesota stay safe.  Of course no one wants to be in a situation involving a break-in, fire or other sort of emergency at our homes, but when something like that happens, the team at Floyd Total Security shines.  They thrive in pressure situations, offering fully-monitored home security systems for families all across the state.

TCL Host Steve Patterson got to meet with the team at Floyd to talk all about the work they do, but before he left he got special access to an incredible car collection that happens to be hiding out in the garage at Floyd Total Security.  Over the years, Floy’s Owner Michael Karch has amassed a dynamic collection of “crime-fighting” cars.  No, they don’t just hang out in the garage.  They are often put to good use for charities around the Metro.  But lucky you, you can get a sneak peek just by pressing play!

For more information on Floyd Total Security click here.

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