DIY Summertime Fun

TCL Craft Star, Alisun Abbott shows us some DIY crafts, along with ways to give your bird bath a beautiful update.

Magic Wands

Items needed:

– wooden spoon or stick
– pipe cleaners
– Borax powder or Alum powder
(3 cups of almost boiling water to one cup Borax powder)
(2 cups of almost boiling water to 3/4 cup of Alum powder)
– materials to decorate wand: ribbon & string


  1. Take a stick or wooden spoon( remove ladle part) and wrap pipe cleaners around stick or handle.  Pipe cleaner color will determine wand crystal color.
  2. In a heat safe glass jar, mix the hot water and powder until it dissolves.
  3. 3. Submerge pipe cleaner part of stick in water. Secure with wire and tape. Cover top of jar and leave over night. (12 – 24 hours)
  4. Remove wand and let dry.
  5. Decorate!

Flower Pot / Bird bath / Side Table / Water Feature

Items needed:

– terra cotta pots or plastic pots and trays
– paint & paint brushes
– gorilla glue // strong adhesive
– paint & outdoor sealant
– optional: solar power fountain ( fountain at garden stores and online – under $20)


  1. Stack the base of two 14 inch pots on top of one another. Both pot bases are touching making an hour glass shape. Place tray on the top pot.
  2. Paint your design.
  3. Glue the pots and lid together with a strong adhesive.
  4. Seal the paint with an outdoor and water proof sealant. Do this step outside in a well ventilated area.
  5. Add water and optional solar powered fountain.

Hanging Plant Up-Grade

Items needed:

Hanging plant in plastic container
Decorative woven basket
Mental hanging plant hooks and chains


  1. Place plastic hang plant in decorative woven basket to confirm correct basket size.
  2. Cut and remove plastic hanging parts and hook off of plant.
  3. Add metal hook and change to basket
  4. Enjoy your five minute upgrade!
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