4th of July Crafts

Jen Appleberry, owner of Appleberry’s Attic, joins us with some crafts to show off your patriotic side!

First Project: American Flag Block

This is project is so simple anyone from 3 to 93 could do it!


Piece of scrap wood, or block, or even a canvas would work! Really any rectangular surface you can paint on.


Painters Tape (optional)

Paint Brush

Acrylic Paint – Red, White, & Blue.

Diddy’s Optional – Star Stickers, Buttons or Pom Poms!


*Start by drawing a rectangle in the top left corner and penciling in lines. By drawing a quick flag on the surface you essentially just made a coloring page or paint my numbers for small crafters!

*If you’d rather not free hand, use the painters tape to tape off stripes for your flag.

*Now it’s as easy as filling in the lines and painting your flag. I always start with the stripes first, alternating red and white. Once the stripes are painted and dry, paint the square blue.

*Once all paint is dry you can sand the edges of your board to give it some dimension.

*Finally add your stars! You can’t paint them on, do polka dots if free handing stars is too hard. Or hot glue on some buttons or anything else you think would give the affect of stars!

Second Project: 3 Star String Art

This was our Monthly Kids Kit for June and such a big hit! Once you learn the art of String Art…. the possibilities are endless!


Piece of lumber. Ours shown is 6 inches wide by 15 inches tall.

Paint or Stain of your choice

Paint Brush

Star Template – pdf attached if you’d like to print and use.

3/4 inch Silver Nails ( I get mine at Menards)


Embroidery Thread (friendship bracelet string) in Red, White, & Blue


*Start by painting or staining your board.

*Once the board is dry cut apart your star template and line up all three stars, one on top of the other.

*Grab your nails and a hammer. Start by hammering in a nail on all 5 major points of each star. When you hammer in a nail for string art only hammer in the nail half way. Tip to remember…. half of the nail goes in the lumber to hold the other half stands out to hold the thread.

*After all 5 points on each star has a nail, then move onto the sides of the stars putting 2 more nails in each side. Each star should have a total of 20 nails.

*Once all the stars have their nails, rip off the white template to reveal your shape done in just nails.

*Now we string! Grab your red thread and start by tying a knot on the top nail of the top star. To string your thread and start your shape simple take the thread, holding it nice and tight, and string it to the second nail. Loop around the nail and move to the next nail. So loop around the nail and move to the next one, loop around that nail and move to the next one. Keep going all the way around the star till you get back to the top. If you’d like, you can go around your shape a second time giving it a bolder line.

*Once your shape is lined out then you just start by going from one nail, looping around to the next, filling in the star. There is no rhyme or reason to this part, you just fill it in wherever, however, as much as you’d like.

*Once you have filled your star in to your liking tie off on any nail with a knot like you did to start. Cut off the extra string from your knot and move on to the next two stars.

Star String Art 3 PDF

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