Craftmade Aprons

In 2017, Kate Meier founded Craftmade Aprons.  The company is Minneapolis-based and is known for affordable aprons for anyone and custom aprons for chefs and hospitality professionals.

The team at Craftmade Aprons became aware of a huge need in the hospitality community for extra financial support during tough times.  So they developed a line of special aprons, shirts, and hats.  This initiative is called Project Black & Blue.  To date, about 20% of the company’s sales have gone to support this fund.

When COVID-19 hit, Craftmade Aprons partnered with Tattersall Distilling to create Hospitality Health and Safety Kits to distribute to local businesses in the hospitality community. Each kit contains 4-one gallon jugs of sanitizer, 20 cloth face masks, and a contactless thermometer. The retail value of these kits is $500. Nominations are still open on the website -there are 20 kits left- people are encouraged to nominate any business in the hospitality field– bar, restaurant, brewery, or distillery- even food trucks are eligible.  Click here to nominate.

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