Ladder Golf Yard Games

Hanging out in the yard grilling and playing yard games…sounds like summer time!  Jill Miller, owner of Projects in Person shows us how to make some of those fun yard games yourself using PVC pipe.


  • 3/4 Inch PVC Pipe + Fitting
  • (2) 10 ft sections of pipe
  • (2) Elbows + (6) T Fittings
  • (4) End caps (optional)


  1. Cut PVC pipe:
  • (5) 21″
  • (8) 13″
  1. Assemble Rungs | gluing of fittings optional
  • Start at top with (1) 21″ piece, add elbows on either side
  • Add 13″ sides to both elbows
  • Add T fitting to both sides, then add a 21″ piece rung
  • Repeat above step twice, final sides will not be connect to a rung, they will connect to base
  1. Assemble Base
  • Out the end of a T fittings, put one 13″ and on 21″ out the opposite sides (end caps optional)
  • Repeat above to form other base leg and add T fittings facing up to the assembled rungs above
  • The longer back legs adds support when you are tossing the ropes at them – face those away from you when playing
  1. Enjoy the game!
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