Being an Ally

Given the current state of our country, James Robilotta believes now – more than ever – it’s important to reflect and also take action to spread more awareness.  James is author of Leading Imperfectly, Professional Speaker, Personal Coach, and an entrepreneur.  He joins us to explain what it means to him being a white ally in social justice work and ways you and your family can continue this important conversation.

Questions for reflection

  • Who taught me? Who wrote the books I was given?
  • What environments am I comfortable in? Why?
  • How often do I think about my race?

Conversations to have

  • Don’t shy away from talking to your kids about racism.
  • Call out racist jokes and comments
  • Listen to marginalized voices and stories. Do not comment, just listen.

3 Reading Suggestions:

  • “Why do all the Black Kids Sit Together in the Cafeteria” – Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum
  • “White Fragility” – Robin DiAngelo
  • “White Like Me” – Tim Wise

3 Places to Donate:

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