5/22 Movie Trip

The Drive-In movie theater is a staple of Americana and at their peak, nearly 80 existed in Minnesota.  Now only six remain.  Three of them are opening this weekend.  Paul McGuire Grimes of Paul’s Trip to the Movies fills us in on what you can watch on the big screen and where.

Elko Speedway Drive In (in Elko) opens May 23rd – playing Pixar’s Onward

The Long Praire Drive In (in Long Prairie) opens May 23rd – playing Trolls World Tour and Sonic the Hedgehog

Star-Lite Drive In (in Litchfield) opens May 22nd – playing I Still Believe and The Call of the Wild

If you don’t want to venture out, you Paul recommends “The Way Back” and “Birds of Prey” OnDemand.

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