Remembering this Time

Virtual happy hours, social distancing guidelines, toilet paper shortages, and Distance Learning are just some of the things we are living with.  It’s something that will surely be written about in history books.  Our Director of Programming, Mandy Tadych, has some ideas for you to commemorate and document this time in history.

Take a “Porch Pic” 

Mandy used North Metro photographer Bethany Walker

Get an illustration done

Mandy used local artist, Claire Ward.

Claire Ward Illustration
Instagram: clairewardillustration
For direct inquiries, email at

Buy a time capsule at Good Things – $16.95

Time Capsule PDF to download for free

Table runner from Good Things = $39.95
Free shipping with code SHIPTCL on

Buy journals from General Store of Minnetonka

Get your quarantine fashion on like Mandy. Use the code MANDY15 at Flaunt Accessories.

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