There have definitely been challenges with Distance Learning.  If your child was already struggling with math, it may be even more difficult for them to get one-on-one support.  Mathnasium@Home is designed to help your student.  Continuing students’ math learning is important, but not necessary to do it yourself! Parents have enough chaos/stress with their own work/life changes to deal with, not to mention they often “aren’t doing it right” or “that’s not how we’re supposed to do it.” Getting help is good for everyone’s emotional well-being.

Because of the health pandemic and business shutdown, Mathnasium had to completely transform its entire business model from an in-person instruction method to instruction being entirely on-line. Mathnasium had been gradually rolling out their online system, but had not yet done so in MN; suddenly had to fast-track and ramp up (initially designed only to support 5-10% of students because of temporary needs). Our Centers had two weeks to implement!

Mathnasium@Home is one instructor engaged online with 2-3 students individually at a time. Students develop CONFIDENCE and ENJOY math when taught so they UNDERSTAND it, and typically
move ahead one grade level every 4-6 months, increasing success in school and their entire life!

Visit or call 877-601-MATH (6284) to find a Mathnasium Learning Center near you and receive a free assessment for each new student.   Some locations are also offering $25 gift certificate for small, local business for new family enrollment.

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