4/17 Movie Trip               

Paul McGuire Grimes of Paul’s Trip to the Movies gives us his thoughts on a few picks to check out at home.

TROLLS WORLD TOUR (Video OnDemand rental)

The 2016 animated film Trolls was a smash hit thanks to its energetic characters and a banger dance track by Justin Timberlake. The sequel Trolls World Tour is now available through Video OnDemand. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are back providing the voices of Branch and Poppy. They learn that the Troll Kingdom is much larger than they ever knew. The other troll races are separated into genres of music like Techno, Rock, Country, Funk, and Classical. They learn that Barb the Rock Queen wants to destroy the other kingdoms turning all of the trolls into rock trolls and it’s up to Poppy, Branch, and their friends to unify the other trolls and live in harmony before Barb turns them.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? It’s only 90 minutes and will be more memorable for the kids than their parents.



I would venture to say that a majority of Americans have played the McDonald’s Monopoly game. You may have only ever won a small fry, but you’ve thought about those high-value million dollar prizes. The chances of winning are slim to none as game pieces were distributed throughout 37,000 restaurants in 120 countries throughout the world. It would be highly suspect if three relatives claimed the million-dollar prizes. That’s exactly what happened which led the FBI to launch an undercover investigation with the corporation to figure out just how three people living in the same part the United States could have won a million dollars. The fraud was much larger than anyone could have imagined. It’s a scandal of greed and power targeting a family-friendly corporation.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? You don’t have to be a McDonald’s patron to get something out of McMillion$



Lionsgate at the Movies

Do you want to bring back Friday night the movies? “Lionsgate Live!’ is just for you.  Beginning this Friday, and continuing for four weeks, Lionsgate will team with Fandango and YouTube to stream four movies for free:

Friday, April 17 – The Hunger Games

Friday, April 24 – Dirty Dancing

Friday, May 1 – La La Land

Friday, May 8 – John Wick

Per the press release, “Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies will be hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis will share her own movie memories as she is joined by special guest celebrities and YouTube personalities. Each week’s night at the movies will feature special programming and interactive opportunities for fans, like real-time fan chats via YouTube Live, live tweeting @Lionsgate and partners, and shared fan engagement opportunities in-show, including movie trivia, movie-themed challenges, and more.”

Focus Movie Mondays

Focus Features will be livestreaming a film exclusively on their Facebook page every Monday in April for free.

Each livestream will include a link to donate to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s COVID 19 Response Fund.  

April 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST: Mallrats including live Watch Party with writer/director Kevin Smith.

·         Mallrats was filmed at the Eden Prairie Center back in 1995, so I would venture to guess that Smith will talk about his time here in Minnesota. Here’s great with fan interaction, so this should be a fun movie night. His latest film Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is now streaming on Amazon Prime, and it’s a must see for Kevin Smith fans.


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