3×3 Fit

For over 25 years, Minnesotan Kim Marie Ross has made it her mission to provide a simple at home workout – taking yoga and pilates to a whole new level with the addition of power cords and tension rings.  Kim shows us how easily you can get a workout in at home with her 3X3 Fit program.

For a limited time, you can get the 3X3 Pro Platinum Equipment and a 3-month membership to additional workouts for only $79.  Click here to get the exclusive deal.


Lucy, Illinois

I had this product for a about a year now and I still love it! since I have a weak core a lot of the exercises I am not able to do, but with the help of the 3×3 rings I find myself able to get them done! Even though it makes the moves easier Kim Marie still shows you modifications which is awesome! It really can be used for any fitness level. They offer such a variety of videos so you are able to switch up your workouts. I combine it with weight training and it works well. I never get bored and my body never gets use to one workout. I can’t wait for the new dance video!

Shelly Jean, Minnesota

I can say with complete certainty working out is great for the knees. I know… I’ve had knee surgery and rehab is very important. Think about it. I am 50 pounds overweight and there is much stress on my knees. Our legs can only hold so much weight . I am using the 3×3 with amazing results and releasing weight all at the same time. My knees are absolutely thanking me for these decisions.

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