Body Positivity Workout

Recently our Elizabeth Ries touched and inspired so many people when she addressed a message about her body on social media head on.  Elizabeth’s poignant response went viral and resonated with so many people. Our Fitness Expert Ali Holman from wanted to celebrate Elizabeth’s message.  She stopped by with some exercises you can do to not punish your body, but rather celebrate all it can do!


  1. Squatting (directly correlated w/ Chair Sits, sitting in car) – LOW SQUATS
  2. Lunging (directly correlated to the average 8000 steps we all take daily) – REVERSE LUNGE
  3. Hinging (Directly correlated to bending over, picking something up)-DEADLIFT
  4. Pushing (directly correlated with closing car door, push away from desk)-KNEE PUSHUP
  5. Pulling (directly correlated with picking up kids, grabbing groceries) – PARTNER BAND PULL
  6. Rotating (directly correlated with twisting) RUSSIAN TWIST


Protect against disease, prevent nutritional deficiencies, and promote proper health

OATS:  Reduce inflammation, enhance immune system, improve heart health

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR:  antibacterial properties, stabilize blood sugar

HONEY:  Kill harmful bacteria

BONE BROTH:  not basic soup stock, goes through hours of simmering which allowed collagen to dissolve into broth for the perfect balance of amino acids

To workout with Ali online, visit She has 3 daily difficulty levels of 20 minute Daily Online Workouts.

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