Since the 3X3 FIT workout program went nationwide in 2012, users have seen big success. The at-home workout mixes yoga and pilates, using rings and power cords. The developer, Kim Marie Ross, stopped by with simple moves you can do along with a special deal.

A limited amount of the BODY FIT PRO packages are now available. It includes the workout system equipment including the Total Body Roller and  5 DVDs.  All of that is $79. Purchase yours online.

Here’s what people are saying about 3X3 FIT:

Sandy Patri Price, New Mexico

“A definite 5 stars! I feel like God was watching over me when I saw the ad for 3×3 FIT on Facebook. I have always been an advocate of exercise using resistance and this looked like a lot of fun! Let me tell you, IT IS! I actually look forward to these workouts and I could see results almost immediately! My arms and legs are beautifully toned and at almost 50, I’m well on my way to being in the best shape ever! I can even feel the muscles in my back and I’ve never had that! I used to admire my daughter’s beautifully toned arms back in her softball days and now I have them!”

Denise Hill, New York

“I’ve been using 3×3 for almost 2 years now. I got off track in the fall due to lower back and thyroid issues. Started back up last week. Let’s just say I felt it! Today I tried the new Sit and Sculpt. What an amazing workout! It was great to work so many different areas while seated. It was gentle on my joints but really worked my muscles. I was dripping sweat lol. I will feel this tomorrow for sure. Definitely a new favorite! I can’t wait to do it again. Felt GREAT!”


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