2/14 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes suggests three great movies to stay home for this Valentine’s Day weekend.


It Happened One Night is an all-time classic romantic comedy. Claudette Colbert stars as Ellie, a wealthy heiress who has run away from her father and husband. She meets Peter on a train headed to New York City. He’s played by the dashing Clark Gable. Ellie’s disappearance is making front page headlines. Peter just happens to be a newspaper reporter and thinks Ellie may be his next big story. She’s a bit of a mess and can’t quite get her act together. He’s a force and just happens to always be there in order to help her escape every step of the way. They both have big attitudes and know they need each other whether they want to admit it or not.

-There’s something about watching an old black and white classic that helps me mentally escape to a simpler time away from every day stressors. 


Quarreling antics in the workplace always make for a feisty on screen couple. That’s the set up for He Said, She Said that pits two newspaper reporters together who seemingly hate each other yet fall in love. Kevin Bacon stars as Dan Hansen a womanizer and charmer who always has a girl on his arms. Elizabeth Perkins’ Lorie sees right passed his schmoozing ways. A new column idea that puts his opinion against hers in a “point/counter point” style editorial grows their image and popularity. The film charts the ups and downs in their romance from his perspective and then from hers.

-Trivia: the original script had the film take place in the Twin Cities to play off of the male and female perspectives. The setting was later changed to Baltimore. 


One of my favorite movie musicals of all-time is Moulin Rouge! It took Hollywood and audiences by storm with its French setting and flashy escape to a different world. Ewan McGregor plays a penniless writer named Christian who falls head over heels in love when he sees Satine, a courtesan played by Nicole Kidman, performing at the Moulin Rouge night club. He’s introduced to her by the poet Toulouse-Lautrec. She believes he is the Duke as the club’s owner, Harold Zigler, had been promising to introduce the real Duke to Satine that night. As Christian and Satine spend more time together, the Duke grows more and more irate vowing he will only finance the Moulin Rouge if Satine chooses him over Christian.

-The story reminds you that in life the greatest thing you’ll ever thing is just to love and be loved in return.

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