Be Well: Healing with Gua Sha at Healing Insight 

Elizabeth and her Mom, Susie, are big fans of Cosmetic Acupuncture. They’ve seen the real results of how the service can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles at Healing Insight.   

It’s a more natural way to look and feel younger. But as TCL reporter Kelli Hanson explains in this week’s Be Well with TCL, it’s not just acupuncture needles that can give you the results you’ve always wanted. An ancient Chinese Technique call Gua Sha is depicting, smoothing and relaxing the skin. 

Now you can get a complete Chinese Medicine Facial as part of your cosmetic acupuncture package! 

What is a Chinese Medicine Facial?

The Chinese Medicine Facial utilizes ALL the tools of Chinese medicine to stimulate an incredible amount of collagen and reverse the signs of aging in your skin. This 90-minute session includes gua sha to stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow, facial massage to relax the tight muscles that create wrinkles, and cosmetic acupuncture to stimulate collagen regrowth at the deepest levels of your dermis. 

How do you get a Chinese Medicine Facial?

This is more than just a relaxing trip to the spa. It takes time for your collagen to regenerate so the Chinese Medicine Facial works best as a package of sessions to reverse aging rather than just a one-and-done treatment. 

Healing Insight’s newest cosmetic acupuncture package–the Deluxe Cosmetic Acupuncture Package–includes both cosmetic acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Facials to give you the best holistic anti-aging facelift. By doing 10 sessions in a five week period, you’ll look younger in a little over a month. 

Now through January 31, TCLers who purchase our popular Cosmetic Acupuncture Anti-Aging Package OR our new Deluxe Cosmetic Acupuncture Package get $200 off AND receive a free facial gua sha tool to use at home. Call to purchase at 651-792-5222 or book a complimentary consult online at Use promo code TCL200. 

*This discount does not apply to packages with Senia Mae.

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