Shop the Spice Aisle with The Curry Diva

Historically, Minnesota’s palate has been a little more bland. Let’s blame it on Norwegian and German traditions. But more and more people are finding out how spicing things up a bit can be good for your health.

It’s something our friend Heather Jansz, also known as The Curry Diva has been preaching for years! And it’s why she took TCL reporter Kelli Hanson to the spice aisle at Cub.

Simple Curry Sauce

1 cup coriander seeds
1 cup cumin seeds
2 Tsp of sweet paprika ( adds great color )
1 to 2 tsp of turmeric
about 10 cardamom pods
1/2 stick of cinnamon
1 table spoon of black pepper corns
Your favorite herbs either dried of fresh
1 – 2 cups of coconut cream or milk and some water
Salt to taste
a tbs of your favorite oil or ghee or coconut oil
onion and garlic


Saute the onion garlic and your favorite herbs in a pan
add the ground spices in and brown for a few minutes
Add the coconut milk and water
add salt to taste
let the mixture come to a boil and use right away or store
away in a jar in the fridge to use as needed for an instant curry sauce

Serve over some rice or noodles

The Curry Diva can cook for you too! Heather does a pop-up dinner every Wednesday and Saturday at Our Kitchen Diner in Minneapolis. Click here to learn more and make a reservation!

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