Climate Smart Skincare

Who would have thought that the zip code you live in matters when it comes to skincare?  Pour Moi Climate Skincare is the world’s first anti-aging formulated for the specific climate you live in.  They call it “anti-aging skincare by zip code”!  Founder Ulli Haslacher joins us via skype.

The Spring Equinox Rejuvenation Kit consists of:

  • Hydrating Balancer
  • White Seum
  • Temperate Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Mini Polar Day Cream
  • Jetsetter bag

The Secret Jasmine Flower Mask protects you from blue lights so things like your phone, tablet and laptop won’t age your skin.

The Spring Equinox Rejuvenation Kit is now only $88 and they are also offering a buy-one/get-one free deal on the Secret Jasmine Flower Mask for a $42 savings.  Click here to order or call 909-243-1456  by the end of April to get the deals.

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