Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe

Tammy Hiveley and Cate Mezyk from Wild Ruffle Boutique in Prior Lake shows us how to refresh your winter wardrobe without replacing everything to take us right into spring.

Model #1: Jacquelyn
 – pair a chambray dress with a teddy bear jacket

Styling Tip:
Chambray can be worn in colder and warmer weather.
When warmer, skip the sweater and swap the boots for sandals

Model #2: Shannon
– wear a cozy knit sweater with ribbon detail over denim

Styling Tip:
Ribbon sweater is a great year round piece that can be thrown over shorts this spring, or even a swim suit for those cooler nights on the boat

Model #3: Stephanie
– corduroy skirt, denim jacket and a basic turtleneck long sleeve sweater

Styling Tip:
Corduroy skirt look: double layer your coat/jacket in the cold, take it off when temps rise – this turtleneck sweater is surprisingly lightweight

Model #4: Stacy
– roushed puff sleeve sweater layered under a linen jacket, paired with jeans

Styling Tip:
Linen jacket is a great, breathable fabric that takes you all the way through to the summer and into fall

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