Jesus Christ Superstar at the Ordway

Musical Directors have the liberty to pretty much do whatever they want when it comes to casting a show. For example in the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar", you would assume that King Herod would be played by a man right? Not so fast. You can see Jesus Christ Superstar now through July 30th at the Ordway in Saint Paul. But as Twin Cities Live...

Vacation Rental Services

Vacations are fun but planning them isn't. For example, where are you going to stay? Don't book that hotel room just yet, just stay at a stranger's house. Travel planner and founder of Allé, Irina Vishnevskaya has advice on making the most out of rental services like Airbnb.


The city of Blaine has been taken over by soccer players from around the world! The Schwan's USA Cup is in full swing at the National Sports Center and reporter, Kelli Hanson, is there live!

X Games Minneapolis

The X Games have made their way to Minneapolis and extreme athletes and their biggest fans have taken over US Bank Stadium. The competition had been held in Austin, Texas for three years, but has made its way north. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson got up close to the action and 6-stories in the air.

Travel Habits Worth Adopting

As a travel expert, Renata Faeth from AAA Minneapolis has jetsetted around the world, picking up best practices with each trip. She stopped by to share five things every traveler should adopt, and following these could help save you money, too.