Laundry Goals for 2020

The Laundry Evangelist, Patric Richardson, stopped by with the essential laundry

Soap and Mesh Bags
-Perfect now for washing your cashmere and wool sweaters.  We have been wearing them for a few months and it is time for a freshening.  Soap is also the preferred item to wash down.

Wool ball and aluminum foil ball
-Put these in the dryer to reduce static which is such a problem in the winter

Static spray
-For on the go when things are stat.  Such a problem with wool pants and skirts, keep it in your desk

Vinegar and water
– Pre-treat all your stains with this, it is perfect now to remove road salt from your coat and shows as a touch up, but all year it is perfect as a pretreater

Rubbing alcohol
-Use this on oily stains on your parka, it will get the stain out without removing the water repellent tendencies.  Perfect all year to treat a stain when you don’t want to wash

-use this for odors.  right now isn’t the perfect time to wash your coat since you need to wear it, but spraying the inside with vodka will keep it fresh

Bleach Alternative
-Use this to remove the wine stains from the holidays.  also perfect for blood (bloody noses)

Stain Solution
-If there is sap from the Christmas tree, or thick hand lotion

-If the kids use markers amodex will remove it, also great for those stains you didn’t catch

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