Creating A Flower Bouquet for a Galentine or Valentine

Allie Tempelis of Lexington Floral, stopped by to share tips of creating a loose flower bouquet for Galentine or Valentine in your life.

  • When buying fresh loose flowers be sure to ask for additional greenery with your wrapped bouquet, and if possible a couple different types of greenery to add more texture to your bouquet.  Start with an adequate amount of greens (enough to fill your vase semi-loosely) in your vase to secure your stems into place.
  • Choose your flowers based on their meanings (see list below)
  • Start with 1-2 stems of 1-2 types of large flowers (Hydrangea, Protea, Sunflowers etc.)  Place these in the vase first to create fullness.
  • Next choose 3-5 stems each of 3-5 medium sized flowers (Roses, Carnations, Gerbera Daisies etc.) Place these in the vase second, evenly spacing them from their like flowers.
  • Option to choose 3-5 stems of a tall flower such as delphinium to place towards the center of your arrangement.
  • Lastly, option to add a filler flower such as caspia or waxflower to finish off your bouquet!

Meaning of flowers:

Galentine’s/ Friendship:
Alstromeria- Friendship
Yellow Roses- Joy
Delphinium- Big Heart
Gerbera Daisies- Cheerfulness
Protea- Change/ Transformation
Chrysanthemum- Honesty
Freesia- Trust

Valentine’s/ Romantic:
Red Rose- Love
Pink Rose- Elegance
Purple Rose- Love at First Sight
Orange Rose- Desire
Calla Lily- Beauty
Carnation- Admiration
Orange Lily- Passion
Ranunculus- “I am Attracted to You”
Sunflower- Dedication
Tulip- Perfect Love
Iris- Respect

Flowers that signify LOVE:

Flowers to avoid:
Yellow Carnations- Disdain
Snapdragons- Deception

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